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About us

Tunisian organisation working for equality

The Initiative Mawjoudin for equality, known as Mawjoudin (Arabic for We Exist), is an officially registered non-governmental organization based in Tunisia.

We are fighting against discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation and we are promoting equal rights for all.

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Mawjoudin was founded in 2014 by a group of young activists, feminists and LGB persons, who have been working together in other activist groups. We were alarmed by the situation of LGBTQI+ persons and by the restrictions put on bodily and sexual rights in Tunisia. We have created Mawjoudin in order to contribute towards changing the situation of LGBTQI+ people and the norms forced on bodies and sexuality.


Our vision

We envision a strong human rights culture and the ability to live collectively where discrimination, homophobia and sexism do not exist. To see a society that promotes integrity, dignity and celebrates difference.

Our mission

We seek to defend and promote human rights generally, with sexual and bodily rights as well as gender equality. We aim to achieve this through work focusing on advocacy and lobbying, documentation, building community and raising awareness.

Our goals

Mawjoudin aims to improve the well being of everyone with non-normative SOGIESC in Tunisia. We hope to create a stronger community aware of its rights and having the tools to advocate for itself, increase public awareness and challenge misconceptions about genders and sexualities.

Our focus

Our main areas of work are: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression and Sex Characters rights (SOGIESC), Bodily Rights, Gender Equality, Sexual and Reproductive rights.

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