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Candle Light

Candle Light 2020, text record : “When I die tomorrow” “When I die tomorrow When I die tomorrow Do not use my name as a slogan for queer trauma Do no use my face for your poster perfect branding of human suffering Do not seek sympathy From our oppressors Do not speak their language Do not surrender our power To their unforgivable morals. My pain has lived within me For more than a decade It has become a part
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queer riot

queer riot   Every time you walk down the street and through the alleys of the Medina up to the metro station to squeeze your body in the sea of people clawing their ways into the crowded wagons, I’m invisible to you. I stand in the corners where you can see me but cannot perceive me for who I am. I speak your tongue and you hear me but you don’t listen to what I have to say. We blur
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Queer Squad

QUEER SQUAD     The 17th of May is back and we are still here, we exist and we resist, silently sometimes. Today we are here to break the silence, to raise our voices and to speak up. Not only about our struggle but also about our love for life. In search of the hope that fuels our fight, we use our energy to make victories. Today we break the silence. Today we create our stories. Today is our
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Queer in digital spaces

Queer in digital spaces Queer in digital spaces is a project elaborated by Mawjoudin and Damj from Tunisia with the partnership of Mosaic , Helem FROM Lebanon , Meshat from Egypt and Aman space from Jordan  during the first meeting held in Cyprus organised by IWPR .  Our objectives were to raise awareness about digital security within the queer community in the mentioned countries and to highlight the risks of the proliferation of hate crimes and the cyber-violence in
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Restricted social norms can push individuals who do not “fit-in”
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Here too there is homosexuality

Homosexuality is evrywhere.
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We exist / we are criminalised

We thank the artists, bloggers, civil society activists, and others who have supported us and we invite you to participate in this campaign by sending your photos before the end of December.
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