LGBTIQ+ Asylum

As part of its SUPPORT program, Mawjoudin dedicated this project to answer the needs of the LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.

Mawjoudin LGBTIQ+ Asylum  is a project started by Mawjoudin in March 2019. We focus within this project on LGBTQI+ Asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants who are either in transit in Tunisia or are based in Tunisia. Through our experience, we noticed the need for access to information, the non accessibility of services and the multiple cases of discrimination.

With this project we aim to: 

  • Provide information and support for LGBTQI+ Asylum seekers in Tunisia

  • Empower queer refugees, migrants and asylum seekers via workshops and  free time activities 

  • Provide trainings, information and support for organizations working with migrants and asylum seekers around SOGIESC.

  • Raise the awareness of workers in Asylum and migration fields about gender and sexual orientation

  • Establish a network in Tunisia between LGBTQI+ organizations and service providers for asylum seekers and migrants organizations

  • Create a database of international organizations working with or supporting LGBTQI+ asylum seekers, refugees and migrants and establish contacts to countries of arrival through trusted contact persons

In 2019, The LGBTIQ+ asylum project published a guide for LGBTIQ+ migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Tunisia. The guide is available in 3 languages (arabic, french, english).

You can download it here for free here.

We can also provide you with printed copies. 

You can contact us via: 

Our LGBTIQ+ asylum project exists thanks to the support of our engaged activists and the financial support of our donors and partners: 

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