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LILO Identity workshops, are part of Mawjoudin’s Community building program. 

At Mawjoudin we believe that we need to deal first with how we understand ourselves and then to use that understanding to propel social action. Motivated by this, we are delighted to roll out LILO Identity Workshops in Tunisia. It provides an important platform for exploring one’s personal journey with sexual orientation and gender identity. 

The LILO methodology helps those who participate in the workshop focus on the personalization of identity concepts by providing context and language in this often-misunderstood world. 


"I am happy that I finally know who am I and what I need to do."
LILO Identity participant

LILO Identity is a personalised approach to exploring gender identity and sexual orientation. The workshop aims to move individuals towards a positive LGBTI identity, a strong self-concept, and a high regard for themselves as LGBTI individuals. Participants are encouraged to integrate their LGBTI identity with their other qualities and roles – and to see themselves as complex, multifaceted human beings with many strengths and skills. Topics cover language, the emergent development process of exploring sexual orientation and gender identity, relationship skills, creating a circle of positive support, skills for coming out and understanding the impact of prejudice and discrimination. 

"I can be determine now in my life, I love you and thx for everything <3 "
LILO Identity workshop participant

Mawjoudin organises regularly LILO Identity workshops.

If you identify as an LGBTIQ+ person, you live in Tunis and want to attend a LILO Identity workshop.

Follow our FB page to fill an application form, or send us an email of interrest at:


LILO Identity workshops in Tunisia exist thanks to the support of our engaged volunteers and the financial support of our donors and partners: 

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