Mawjoudin’s safe space

As part of its Community building program, Mawjoudin provides a safe space for LGBTIQ+ members and their allies. 

The safe spaces is a hang out area in the Mawjoudin offices. It aims to create a cozy and chilling atmosphere. Mawjoudin members can come and use the space. They have access to books and resources. 

"... Really when I go there and we get together, we have really a lot of fun and I can speak about everything and I feel that we do really exist."
Safe space visitor

The safe space also provides people with activities and groups. 

Some of the regular activities happening at Mawjoudin are: 

  • French conversation club 
  • Reading club: Mawjoudin in books 
  • Self-defense for women 
  • contemporary dance 
  • Spanish conversation club 
  • English conversation club 
  • Hkeyet Tchech (tunisian for queer stories) 
  • music club

Members can suggest and offer other activities they find interesting for them and for others. 

If you you are interested in visiting our space or want to join our activities:

Write to us on FB, or send us an email at:

Mawjoudin’s safe space exists thanks to the support of our engaged volunteers and the financial support of our donors and partners: 

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