A7kili: Mawjoudin’s counselling services

As part of its SUPPORT program, Mawjoudin provides Peer to peer counselling services : “Ahkili” (Arabic for “tell me”). 

Counselling is one of the core services offered by Mawjoudin to improve the wellbeing of individuals with non normative SOGIESC. We have a dedicated group of volunteers who use their spare time to listen, talk with and write to LGBTIQ+ people.
Individuals come to seek counsel and advice on a wide range of issues – not only relating to their sexuality or gender identity, but to their lives in general.

At Mawjoudin they meet LGBTIQ+ and allies  who have a lived experience of what it means to be a LGBTIQ+ person in Tunisia.

Our counsellors are not professional counsellors; they are peers who, with skills, training and experience, are able to listen without judgement and guide people gently to seeking their own solutions by asking good questions at the right time. 

LGBTIQ+ individuals in Tunisia are isolated, ridiculed, violated, exposed and traumatised for the simple expression of self. They seek counsel and meet counsellors who judge them because of their sexuality, gender identity or gender expression. They are used as cases for “curing” by magical practices or rape, instead of being listened to and helped. In many instances, the very people who should be providing help, like health professionals, further stigmatise and discriminate against them.
For them we offer these services. 

LGBTIQ+ individuals can reach out to Mawjoudin’s counsellors through:

  • Face to face counselling in Mawjoudin’s safe space.
  • Anonymous phone counselling via Mawjoudin’s free phone line: 80106969
  • Chat counselling (Coming soon on this website) 

Our counselling service exists thanks to the support of our engaged volunteers and the financial support of our donors and partners: 

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