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Mawjoudin in the media

Conversation about mawjoudin we exist film festival

Conversation about @mawjoudin_we_exist film festival

MeToo in countries of the MENA // Talk Town 2020

Feminist protests have emerged all over the world since #MeToo in 2017. Challenging rape culture, impunity and sexual violence, they have had a huge resonance in Europe, but also in MENA countries.

Fear: Being an Artivist in Tunisia

“Fear: Being an Artivist in Tunisia” with Walid

the impact of COVID-19 on LGBTI people

The event will focus on the impact of COVID-19 on LGBTI people around the globe and will include:

LGBTQIA+ weekend

On 22-23 February 2020, a group of Natolin students organised a series of activities on the campus aiming to promote diversity and inclusion. The weekend opened with a Skype talk with Tunisian LGBTQIA+ activists, Karam AOUINI and Meriam MECHTI, organised by the ENP Society. The talk was followed by the screening of the movie The Marriage by Blerta ZEQIRI.

Queer festivals under attack!

debate: “Queer festivals under attack!”

panels in french 


panels in arabic


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