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Online workshops covid-19

For 6 weeks, from April 6th to May 20th, we’ve held online workshops almost every day. Our capacity building efforts encompassed various fields including arts (Cinexist Online, We Exist Through Books ), linguistics (Queer Code, Inclusive Language with Les Sans PagEs), discussions (French Club, English Conversation Club, Portrait of a Queer Icon), soft skills (Cyber Security, Public Speaking), and more.
These online workshops also presented us with an opportunity to hold meaningful collaborations with other organizations including the Intersexuality series with the Tunisian Intersex Collective and the Editing series with Wikimedia LGBTIQ+.
The idea to hold online workshops sparked when we noticed that our members and friends, once quarantined, lacked the meetings and safe spaces that used to keep us close to each other.
In fact, for years now, we’ve been watching LGBTIQ+ people engage with our workshops and create support systems within other participants, now friends.
We did not want to lose any of that magic that kept us strong, yet, we had to close down our offices and cancel our events.
Therefore, we had no choice but to go online. Nevertheless, this switch to online platforms was very rewarding. These workshops were a breath of fresh air into Mawjoudin and an opportunity to go past geographical restrictions and virtually meet, learn, and grow together as a community.
All in all, this challenge turned out to be one of the best adventures Mawjoudin has been on.
We take this opportunity to thank the members and friends who guided us through these workshops, we thank the trainers and moderators who showed remarkable dedication to keep giving even in such uncertain times, and we thank the participants who made each workshop magical. Thank you for teaching us about love and strength during these difficult times.
Today, Tunisia is opening back up and life is slowly going back to its regular pace. As our situation is changing, we have to adapt as well. Therefore, we cannot keep holding our workshops as frequently as we did for the past 6 weeks.
We have to pause, step back, and see how things turn out. As much as we learned from these workshops, we want to learn from stopping them for a moment.
For the time being, we cannot go back to in-person activities yet, as Mawjoudin believes in the safety of its members and friends. Therefore, we will hold more online activities until the COVID-19 pandemic is completely over and we can see your beautiful faces again. Stay safe and keep shining through, we will meet again soon.

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