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Our Programs

We offer the LGBTIQ+ community in Tunisia a space for solidarity and activism. We are building capacity and supporting our community and raising awareness about sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics (SOGIESC).

Mawjoudin has three main programs:

Working towards a stronger community


We aim to improve the well being of the persons with non-normative sexuality, gender identity and expression, and sexual characteristics in Tunisia. Mawjoudin offers quick answers and support for LGBTIQ+ individuals who are in danger and/or survivors of violations and hate crimes. We provide psychological, medical and legal support and peer to peer counselling.

Community building

We aim to build a stronger queer community in Tunisia by - Providing safer spaces for the community in order to connect, network , exchange and create. - offering rainings and workshops that are addressing the needs of LGBTIQ+ persons in Tunisia. - Producing local knowledge about sexualities and genders. - Provide practical informations for the LGBTIQ+ community about SOGIESC.

Challenging public opinion

We aim to increase public awareness of SOGIESC rights and misconceptions sexualities and genders by: - Building capacities of LGBTIQ+ activists and allies around SOGIESC rights. - Campaigning and producing media contenant to inform about and popularise SOGIESC rights. - Networking with national and international organisations to change discriminatory legislations in Tunisia.

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