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queer riot

Every time you walk down the street and through the alleys of the Medina up to the metro station to squeeze your body in the sea of people clawing their ways into the crowded wagons, I’m invisible to you. I stand in the corners where you can see me but cannot perceive me for who I am. I speak your tongue and you hear me but you don’t listen to what I have to say. We blur the same Tunisian slang, we stand in the same classrooms and salute the same flag but I doubt we ever carry the same sentiment of belonging.
Yet you and I are not that different, if we come down to it, for after all we’ve been indoctrinated the same way, we’ve been fed the same traditions, we’ve had to swallow the same norms and any deviation from them threatened me as much as it did you. But that’s the thing, amidst the change and chaos, I dared to spit out those norms while you chose neutrality.
I dared to see myself in the places that shunned me, in the minds that pushed me away, in the system that oppressed me, in the language that refused to recognize me, in the society that violated me, and I dared to fuel a riot inside of me that ended up spreading like wildfires.
So now, I exist, and we exist, in all the places where you’d want us to disappear, but we are not going to, instead, we’re rioting.
When you go a lifetime being invisible, barely a shadow reflecting in the background of generations of people that refuse to shed a light on you, there’s so much anger, resentment, and thirst that bottle up, all of which push you to revolt.
The voice of the oppressed is so loud, even when no one hears it.
The voice of the rioting Queer is so loud, even when no one hears it.
It’s the voice of a riot, it’s a Queer riot, so are you ready to listen now?
“Queer Riot” is the embodiment of a queer movement of resistance and struggle in Tunisia, to commemorate those who left us under the oppression, violence, and hatred.
Down with Article 230 !!
Down with Queer-phobia !!
Produced by: Mawjoudin We Exist
Photo by: Melek Abderrahman
Design by: Boshra Yumi

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