Statement about Mounir Baatour’s candidacy for the presidency

Dear Partners / Allies;
We would like to inform you that we, activists and NGOs signatories in this E-mail under the names:
– Wiem Askri
– Mawjoudin
– Chouf
– Mouja
– The collective “Transgenre Outcasts”
– The collective “Chaml”
– Ali Bouselmi
– Amal Bint Nadia

do not support Mounir Baatour in his candidacy for the presidency election in Tunisia this year, and that this
person does not represent in any way the LGBTIQ+ community or our movements in Tunisia.
This person, not only does he represent a threat to activism , he also represents a big danger to our community
for the following reasons:
– The numerous complaints against Mounir Baatour, received from many LGBTIQ+ people, who have
been used and abused sexually (many of them being minors) while taking advantage of their
vulnerable fragile situations.
– Their outing strategy, which does not respect people’s privacy and puts them in danger. We strongly
condemn any homophobic / transphobic speach, but we also beleive that outing people is never the
right way to lead the fight.
– The violation and invasion of people’s privacy, we noted on many occasions, that the NGO presided by
Mounir Baatour, Shams, have shared private information of certain LGBTIQ+ people without their
consent just for the sake of having “a scoop” on certain news , which represents a big danger to them.
– The normalisation with the Zionist entity, which goes against our ethics and values.
We understand, how empowering it would feel, having someone from the LGBTIQ+ community openly
represent their candidacy for the presidential election in a country, where homosexuality is still illegal, but we
would never support someone just because of his sexuality/gender identity/ gender expression, without having
a deeper understanding of their background, and we request your support in this matter, to stop sharing the
news representing this person as a hero.
We also invite all members and LGBTIQ+ organizations not to support the nomination of Mounir Baatour by
stopping the media coverage happening regarding his candidacy for all the reasons stated in our E-mail.
Feel free to share this mail with all the other stakeholders , and to get back to us if you have any comments/questions.

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