The LGBTIQ+ community and its fights has nothing to do with pedophilia

During the past few weeks, we have witnessed a wave of despicable articles and publications aiming to discredit the fight for the the rights of LGBTQI+ individuals.
We, Mawjoudin, strongly affirm that it is inadmissible to consider pedophilia as a sexual orientation and associate it to the LGBTQI+ spectrum.We also denounce the association of pedophilia to the LGBTQI+ movement.
The bearers of this thought subconsciously or unwittingly forgot that we consider enlightened consent to be the condition of any possible relationship between two individuals.
Since an underage person cannot provide enlightened consent to a sexual act with an adult, It is de facto inadmissible to consider pedophilia as a sexual orientation.
If consent is obtained through intimidation, manipulation (the mechanisms are numerous), blackmail, threats or using substances modifying the vigilance, it cannot, under any circumstances and with a minimum of common sense, be considered as enlightened consent.
Some individuals wanted to echo an anti-LGBTQI + propaganda and jumped at the opportunity to spread their hatred, massively sharing their ignorance and preach a homophobic, biphobic and transphobic speech under the cover of worry for children’s rights. These same individuals should understand that our fight for equal rights is driven by our belief that mutual and enlightened consent is a key value in our fight against hate and discrimination and that we carry these values along our activism believing that pedophilia is a criminal act and does not in any way represent our community in any way.
Therefore we denounce this absurd amalgam and remind that we, LGBTIQ+ activists, are firstly, human rights activists, that we believe in and work for the entirety of human rights in our intersectional approach, including children rights.

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