We exist / we are criminalised


We exist  –  We are criminalized


Today, on the 10. of December 2015 and every year since 1948, we have been celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today, on the 10th of December 2015 as part of the celebration of the international day of human rights, a Tunisian plane arrives in Oslo with a delegation of 180 representatives of civil society and human rights defenders to obtain the Nobel Peace Prize.

Today, on the 10. of December 2015, a young student, Marwen, convicted on the basis of the article 230 of the penal code after having been subjected to a forced anal examination, will stand again before the judge of the appeal court.

Today we wish, to condemn the many attacks against human dignity in Tunisia and to express our support for Marwen and for all the persons who have been arrested on the basis of their sexual orientation through these pictures. We thank the artists, bloggers, civil society activists, and others who have supported us and we invite you to participate in this campaign by sending your photos before the end of December. 

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