About Us

The Initiative Mawjoudin for Equality, is a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) licensed to operate
in Tunisia since 2014.
Mawjoudin fights for justice, equality and respect for bodily and sexual rights. We also provide services for the queer community, 
asylum seekers, migrants and refugees.

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Our Vision

Mawjoudin's vision is to spread the culture of human rights so that we can live in a society without discrimination based on SOGIESC and also to live in a respectful and dignified society in which difference is embraced and non- normative sexualities are not condemned.

Our Mission

Mawjoudin is committed to defending and promoting human rights in general, sexual and bodily rights and gender equality in particular, through an intersectional and diverse work focused on advocacy, documentation, community capacity building, as well as awareness raising, the creation of safe spaces and finally, the encouragement of Queer artistic production.

Our Goals

Mawjoudin aims to improve the well being of everyone with non-normative SOGIESC in Tunisia. We hope to create a stronger community aware of its rights and having the tools to advocate for itself, increase public awareness and challenge misconceptions about genders and sexualities.

Mawjoudin's Structure

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Executive Director & Co-founder


Asylum & Mental health Project Manager & Co-founder


Finance Project Manager


Artistic & Communication Project Manager


SOGIESC Project Coordinator


Advocacy Project Manager


SRHR Project Manager


Mental Health and psychosicial support manager


Case Manager & documentation officer


Information Technology Officer


Logistics assistant