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Mawjoudin We exist is a Tunisian association that fights for equality and rights of LGBTQI++ people.
Why Mawjoudin?
Mawjoudin, because in Tunisia there is still a law that criminalizes a consenting relationship between two adults of the same sex. Mawjoudin, because being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or intersex in Tunisia in intolerable. Mawjoudin, because in Tunisia having sex with a person of the same sex is punishable by 3 years of prison. Mawjoudin, because homosexuality is condemned in a largely homophobic society. This homophobia is nourished by the prejudices and social standards which can lead to the persecution of the LGBTQI++ persons.

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Our Vision

We envision a strong human rights culture and the ability to live collectively where discrimination, homophobia and sexism do not exist. To see a society that promotes integrity, dignity and celebrates difference.

Our Mission

We seek to defend and promote human rights generally, with sexual and bodily rights as well as gender equality. We aim to achieve this through work focusing on advocacy and lobbying, documentation, building community and raising awareness.

Our Goals

Mawjoudin aims to improve the well being of everyone with non-normative SOGIESC in Tunisia. We hope to create a stronger community aware of its rights and having the tools to advocate for itself, increase public awareness and challenge misconceptions about genders and sexualities.

Mawjoudin Organization chart

Meet Our STAFF !

Ali Bousselmi

Executive Director & Co-founder

Ameni Saaoud

Logistic Officer

Houyem Mchirgui

Advocacy Project Manager

Karam A.O

Artistic & Communication Project Manager

Khawla Taieb

Case Manager & documentation officer

Lina Elleuch

SOGIESC Project Coordinator

Maram Ben Hassine

Counselling & Orientation Project Manager

Nadia Touati

Finance Project Manager

Nermine Sahli

Information Technology Officer

Syrine Boukadida

Asylum & Mental health Project Manager

Weema Askri

SRHR Project Manager

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