The Queer play  is a play project inspired by the reality of Queer/LGTBQI+ people in Tunisia. The project was born within Mawjoudin after six years of community work, in an ever-changing socio-political context. The play “Flagranti”, the new creation of playwright and director Essia Jaïbi is the first Tunisian Queer theater production and presents itself as a bold and unique alternative in Tunisia and in the MENA region with the aim of creating a social impact through art.



What The Media says about FLAGRANTI

"In Tunisia, the play "Flagranti" denounces the criminalization of homosexuality"_Lilia Blaise
"Queer play in Tunis: "We know we are taking a risk"_Mathieu GALTIER
"The play "FLAGRANTI" denounces harassment of the LGTBI community in Tunisia. _ Agencia Efe
" Tunisia: The theater to change mentalities" _ TV5Monde