Beyond the Colors

Onstage Queerness through Generations (part 1)

We invite you to discover the artistic Queer Tunisian scene through generations. We are Queer, We are Here and since ever !!

Cast : Ghzala / Gina Gee / Khookha McQueer / House of Alïa; * Myile Alaïa * Miss kamy Alaïa * Ramla Alaïa

Executive production : MOJA Studio

Directed by: Anas Chatty

Preparation & Interview : Karam Aouini,  Ali Bousselmi

Dp : Ahmed Thabet

Camera Operator : Mhamed Zhioua

Sound Engineer : Amine Ben Attia

Gaffer : Mohsen Laouini, Nour zemni

Photographer : Yesmine Abed

Makeup & Costume Design : Ghassen Douissa

Editing : Yassine Bouchnab

Coloring:  Amer Amdouni

Sound Mixer : Baha Ayadi

Graphic Designer : Boshra Jallali

Equipment : Digital Iris

Special thank to : Tetro Lolla

Project : Beyond the Colors 

2 thoughts on “Onstage Queerness through Generations (part 1)”

  1. Selim Ben Ammar

    Magnifique ! Un grand bravo a tous ces artistes qui créent et innovent malgré la difficulté du contexte du pays. Chapeau 🙂

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