TUNISIAN QUEER RESIDENCY Call for projects 2023

  • Structure description : 

Mawjoudin We Exist is a Tunisian based association fighting for equality and rights for LGBTQI+ individuals. 

Mawjoudin’s approach is above all inclusive: the association adopts an intersectional approach to include people from all backgrounds, all age groups, all genders and sexual orientations and from different regions of Tunisia.

Mawjoudin is a committed art producer that advocates integrity and celebrates difference and dignity; advocates love in all its forms and the expression of identity. With faith in the power of artistic creations as a means of mediating queer culture and a space capable of triggering breaches of reflection.

  • Project description : 

Tunisian Queer Residency is a Tunisian multi-disciplinary artistic residency project led by the Association Mawjoudin We Exist and taking place in two phases between 2023 and 2024, with a public showcase event. TQR will select 10 artists from Tunisia and the MENA region, who will work together on 5 queer projects. 

  • Concept: 

Tunisian Queer Residency (TQR) is an opportunity and a space for physical encounters between two artists with different practices, through a joint trans- or multi-disciplinary project. The project must be submitted by a lead artist and a guest artist, who wish to collaborate together and cross their disciplines.

The guest artist will be proposed either: 

– By the leading artist (when the application is submitted).

– By the TQR artistic team (following the reading of the project, in the selection phase).

  • Artistic disciplines :

Performing arts: dance / theater / performance / circus / styling and stage costumes/ standup 

– Music: sound / singing / poetry and writing / slam

– Visual arts: visual arts / video art / set design / photography / make-up

  • Eligibility criteria :

– Age: Over 18

– Country of origin: The following MENA countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates.

– Country of residence: MENA countries and Europe.

– Willing to commit for the duration of the project 

– Apply within the deadline and submit a complete application by filling in the form and providing the required documents. 

– A minimum of 2 years’ experience in the discipline of the proposed project.

– Interest in and sensitivity to queer issues (non-normative genders and sexualities) 

– Ability to travel outside the country of permanent residence 

– Applications from queer, lgbtqi+ people are encouraged.

  • Required documents:

– Completed form (link) 

– Identity documents (CIN/passport) 

– Complete and updated C.V. 

– Letter of motivation 

– Portfolio / Artistic file  

– Letter of recommendation from a professional in the discipline of the proposed project

– Letter of commitment to be signed 

  • Application deadline:

July 7, 2023 at midnight local time Tunis (GMT+1 )

  • Selection process:

– Call launch: June 6, 2023 

– Submission deadline: July 7, 2023 at midnight local time Tunis GMT+1 

– Pre-selection: Last week of July 2023  

– Final selection: Last week of August 2023 

– First residency: Late November-early December 2023 (dates to be specified) 

– Second residency: April 2024

– End of the residency / showcase event: Early May 2024

  • Selection criteria: 

– Queer topic at the heart of the creation / queer centered creation topic 

– Relevance and originality of the project 

– In-situ creation to be adapted for broadcasting 

– Seriousness and commitment

  • Funding and support conditions:

– Mawjoudin offers a creation grant of 8000 TND (2400 euros) per duo project.

– Mawjoudin covers the costs of accommodation, transport and food.

– Mawjoudin covers the technical costs of each project, which must be validated in advance by the TQR technical department and the artist duo. 

– For artists residing outside Tunisia, Mawjoudin covers VISA fees and round-trip airfare.

  • Contact information: 

residencyqueer@mawjoudin.org (please specify in the subject: TQR / name & family name / title of the project submitted)