Breaking Free & Facing Parents

For every Queer person, coming out is an accomplishment, an act of
emancipation. Weema*, aged 31, decides to come out and carve out an existence
for themselves that is not devoid of consequences, but certainly devoid of filters.
Indeed, standing up to his family, he chooses one day to take the lead in his own
life… for better or for worse.

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The urgency to take action

When personal experience and convictions intertwine, militanty begins to take shape and struggles end up being structured. Salma El Masri lives in Cairo. She is executive director of Bedayaa Organization, which works to defend the rights of LGBTQI+ people. In recent years, as part of the team, she has been working hard to raise awareness among young Queer people about their drug use habits…

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In the turmoil of Artifice

Sasha* is a bit over 29 years old, and little over a quarter of a lifetime that has been fruitful, festive, hectic, wild, intense … and marked by unexpected events. At the dawn of his 30s, he unveils without any filters his personal Queer existence, one that’s fluctuating between mental vulnerability and artificial paradises.

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