Beyond colors

A story of wandering

After listening to his journey, he gives us complete freedom to present him, as our interlocutor treats with caution some terms that are commonly used such as “refugee”, “asylum seeker”, or even activist. “Ward” is his real first name, which he chose to put forward in order to overshadow another one that is more common, with a Muslim connotation, attributed by his family.

A quest for oneself

One is not born oneself, one becomes one! or one persists in becoming one. Aspiring to a more just community life and having brandished the banner of individual freedoms at an early age, “Leil” soon came up against the hazards of a turbulent, often hostile existence, but one that continues to be lived to the fullest. Fights, dodging and a perpetual search for peace and reconciliation (un)shape his path.

Fragments of a queer life

If asked to introduce herself, Bochra Triki doesn’t know what to say. She cracks a smile, seems to be pondering and stays on the lookout for definitions thrown at her. “I am a feminist, Queer, it is a part of my identity which I try to deal with in a multidisciplinary way”. she says. A beautiful but brief presentation that considerably trim down an atypical career and a decade of her twenties devoted to the Queer and feminist cause in Tunisia. “Boch” is in her thirties and her rich experience speaks for itself…