Author name: Nermine

One journey, Several lives

Yahia Zaidi has been caught up in activism and has continued to refine his commitment on all fronts for the past 20 years. A native of Algeria, everything began for him in there. It is indeed impossible to remain indifferent to his ardor for a just life, full of human values, in the service of defending human rights of queer and LGBTQI+ people.

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Fragments of a queer life

If asked to introduce herself, Bochra Triki doesn’t know what to say. She cracks a smile, seems to be pondering and stays on the lookout for definitions thrown at her. “I am a feminist, Queer, it is a part of my identity which I try to deal with in a multidisciplinary way”. she says. A beautiful but brief presentation that considerably trim down an atypical career and a decade of her twenties devoted to the Queer and feminist cause in Tunisia. “Boch” is in her thirties and her rich experience speaks for itself…

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