Author name: A.O Karam

In the turmoil of Artifice

Sasha* is a bit over 29 years old, and little over a quarter of a lifetime that has been fruitful, festive, hectic, wild, intense … and marked by unexpected events. At the dawn of his 30s, he unveils without any filters his personal Queer existence, one that’s fluctuating between mental vulnerability and artificial paradises.

A quest for oneself

One is not born oneself, one becomes one! or one persists in becoming one. Aspiring to a more just community life and having brandished the banner of individual freedoms at an early age, “Leil” soon came up against the hazards of a turbulent, often hostile existence, but one that continues to be lived to the fullest. Fights, dodging and a perpetual search for peace and reconciliation (un)shape his path.